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TERMS and CONDITIONS (www.OtwellMusic.com)

THANK YOU: Thank you for using this site and listening to the music of Andrew Otwell/Otwell Music, LLC. We hope you enjoy all the music and materials we have to offer. The detailed terms and conditions are listed below.

DELIVERY & DOWNLOAD INFORMATION: All domestic orders for a single Audio CD are shipped for a flat rate of USD $2.75 unless you select otherwise. All international orders are shipped via commercial carriers and therefore, are subject to market rates. Heavier orders have higher delivery rates.

There are no shipping charges on digital format items (mp3, pdf, musx, and web formats). Also, digital files will be authorized for use after the checkout process has completed and your electronic payment is successful. The payment processing is typically processed within seconds or minutes. An email notification will be sent to you but we cannot guarantee how long the internet takes to deliver emails. If you do not see your notification email, please consider looking in your Junk or Spam folder. The email will come from OtwellMusic Orders <Orders@OtwellMusic.com>. You will then gain access to the member's only download section. If you need to contact us, please try email first and if it is urgent you may call us at 770-226-4436. Most OtwellMusic orders are either digital downloads or very light weight shipping packages (printed soft bound manuals and music). In the event an order exceeds three (3) pounds, then regular shipping charges via commercial carriers will be assessed. In all international shipments, the postage and shipping will be based on weight and country of destination. Also, all international packages go through customs and could be charged customs rates in your country. OtwellMusic does not charge any additional administrative or handling fees for international orders.

REFUND AND DOWNLOAD POLICY: All sales are final on digital file purchases (mp3, pdf, musx, and web formats) due to the fact that we cannot control the files once they have been downloaded. After you have made your purchase, you may return to www.OtwellMusic.com at any time to listen or download the digital files again. We only accept returns on hard copy items (print, CD, DVD) if the items are unopened, with no damage of any kind and remaining in the original packaging within 14 days of purchase. You must also pay the return shipping rates and the original shipping charges are non-refundable. All returns must have a return authorization number (or RAN). Contact us to obtain a RAN. If your audio cds or copies of sheet music are damaged upon arrival then please contact the OtwellMusic order processing group immediately. We request digital images of the damaged items prior to issuing additional copies or store credits. Finally, orders which originally received free delivery from OtwellMusic will require the shipping charges paid by the customer.

PRICES AND AVAILABILITY: Prices subject to change without notice. Customers are served on a first come, first serve basis and products are available while quantities last. In the event a product is placed on back order, you will be notified immediately and you may choose to cancel your order. Products leave the warehouse within 24 business hours of payment processing. In the event payment processing is delayed you will be notified via email to the username/email address you have on file with www.OtwellMusic.com.

COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARKS: You can listen and enjoy all the music you purchase from this site just remember that all the information is Copyrighted by Andrew Otwell and Otwell Music, LLC. All rights are reserved including but not limited to copying, duplication, distribution, reproduction or sales (including resale). Any unauthorized use of the material is strictly prohibited. Any items you purchase are for your enjoyment and/or educational purposes and may be copied on three (3) personal computing devices (ex. your personal computer, tablet PC, smart phone, smart tablet, USB stick, storage drive, etc). These devices must all be registered and owned by you and the devices cannot be shared by a groups outside of your dwelling such as friends, acquaintances, enemies(?), schools, companies or structured organizations. Therefore, the items shall not be copied to portable storage media and redistributed to external locations, people, or the internet by any party other than www.OtwellMusic.com. Your digital media purchase grants you a limited license to listen, enjoy, read and play a copy of the material for your friends and family for non-commercial purposes. Any commercial (for-profit) use of material requires a separate playback license and therefore, royalties paid to Otwell Music, LLC. All original copyright and trademarks are the ownership of Andrew Otwell and Otwell Music, LLC.

ACCOUNT LOGIN: Your account may only be logged in from one device at a time. In fact, if you login from one device and then login from another device, the second session bumps the first session out of the system. We have provided you a Login History page so your account logins can be reviewed on a regular basis. Sharing your login id and password is not allowed.

WEBSITE AND CONTENT AVAILABILITY: Our web hosting service is provided by a third party company and is one of the most popular web hosting companies in the world. While their web hosting facilities are top notch, Otwell Music, LLC cannot guarantee website availability 100% of the time. For future help services, please email us at Support@OtwellMusic.com or call us at 770-226-4436.

Thanks for reading and Have a great day.



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