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Otwell Music Products

Recorded music albums and individual pieces
Albums are immediately available on OtwellMusic.com and will eventually also be available through online retailers such as iTunes, Google Play, and more. Music includes Rock albums, classical chamber music, and symphonic music.

Sheet music and tablature for all Otwell Music works
Available on OtwellMusic.com - Sheet music and tablature for rock group albums, chamber music, and symphonic works (including concerti).

Digital music files with tablature for all Otwell Music works
Available on OtwellMusic.com - PDF and MP3 files.

Guitar lesson program, Instructor's edition, and videos
Available on OtwellMusic.com and also printed copies sold through OtwellMusic.com - Includes ideology, methodology, the basics up through advanced theory and guitar lick samples. Will also be available in a video set.

Music lesson program
How to startup and manage an entire music lesson shop. Includes instructor management, customer service, customer lead generation, finance and accounting, and lessons learned from the past.

Otwell Music Guitar kits
Electric Guitar (S-Model & O-Model) - over 25 years in the making. Designed and perfectly balanced to allow the player to make music without instrument physical constraints or mental distractions. These well-designed instruments carry the design forward where popular, mass-produced designs fall short. The design focus is based on optimizing weight, horizontal balance, form (instrument rest angle/tilt), fit (contours to the player), function (playability without distractions) and most of all superior tone quality and reliability. The design is a highly modified version of the popular California-built electric guitar originally built by Leo Fender. We made what we consider 23 improvements over Leo's original design.

Otwell Music electronics and instrument accessories
The electronics are mostly for electric guitar which includes guitar cavity electronics, pre-wired control pots, boosters and floor effects pedals. The accessories will help you enhance all your guitars and amp rig.


Otwell Music Services

Live music performance gigs and videos
Large and loud rock gigs and more intimate classical guitar concerto appearances.

Music clinics (includes solo playing on stage) and Master classes (includes students playing on stage in sequence)
Covers music composition and performance tips and tricks, Otwell Music electric guitar design, and electronics setup. Also includes live performances over prerecorded backup band.

Live or online/skype guitar lessons
Lessons for groups and/or individuals. Instruction is based on the Otwell Music guitar program (sold separately).

Live or online/skype music composition lessons
Lessons taught using notation software Finale MakeMusic. Includes music theory, methods, concepts, scoring and arranging, and the composer's perspectives on Otwell Music compositions.

Hosting music performance competitions
This is for music students who want to compete for prizes and potential music scholarship funds. Only Otwell Music will be played during the competition and all sheet music must be original, licensed editions (not photocopies).


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